How to know where it’s flooding in Jakarta? Use PetaJakarta


PetaJakarta can help locate where floods are happening.
The site project is co-ordinated by the SMART Infrastructure Facility of the University of Wollongong, the Jakarta Emergency Management Agency (BPBD DKI Jakarta), and Twitter, Inc. The project is also supported by the SMART GeoSocial Intelligence Research Group and the SMART OSGeo Lab, with the goal of extending our knowledge of urban livability and resilience.

The platform harnesses the power of social media to gather, sort, and display information about flooding for Jakarta residents and governmental agencies in real time. It runs on the open source software CogniCity—an Applied GeoSocial Intelligence Framework developed by the SMART Infrastructure Facility

If you are running an event, you could use this app to tell your event attendees to avoid flood areas on the way to your event.

To access the map – Click here


PetaJakarta didukung oleh koalisi masyarakat untuk memanfaatkan kekuatan media sosial dengan mengumpulkan, memilah, dan menyajikan informasi terkait banjir untuk warga Jakarta secara real time. Platform ini menggunakan perangkat lunak open source bernama CogniCity, sebuah kerangka Pengetahuan GeoSosial, yang memungkinkan pengumpulan dan penyebaran oleh anggota masyarakat melalui perangkat seluler bergeolokasi.

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