The best taxi services in Jakarta are

1.Express Taxi
For Booking Call: 021 500 122
White color cars with the word
Express written on it.

2.Bluebird Taxi
For Booking Call: Check website at Bluebird Taxi
Blue color cars with either the word
Bluebird or Pusaka written on it.

These 2 service providers are the best and have the most number of
vehicles in the Jakarta CBD area.

When booking a taxi, the taxi will not pick up at Shopping
Centers. So you have to either go to a nearby Hotel, Office building or
Residential house.

Layanan taksi terbaik di Jakarta

1. Express Taxi
Hubungi 021 500 122

2.Bluebird Taksi
Untuk Pemesanan Hubungi: Periksa website di Bluebird Taxi
mobil warna biru dengan baik kata
Bluebird atau Pusaka tertulis di atasnya.

Ini 2 penyedia layanan yang terbaik dan memiliki paling banyak
kendaraan di kawasan CBD Jakarta.

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